PEO Access Form

VWC Form


The PEO WebFile Access Request form is a one page form required to be completed for an individual to request PEO WebFile access with the Commission. PEO WebFile is the Commission’s online system for Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) to register with and report to the Commission. The PEO WebFile Access Request form asks essential information concerning the PEO and the individual representing the PEO requesting PEO WebFile Access. Requesting PEO WebFile access is the first step for a PEO that wishes to register to operate as a PEO in Virginia. The PEO WebFile Access Request form may also be completed when an already registered PEO wishes to obtain WebFile access for an additional PEO representative to be able to access and report in WebFile.


The form should be completed by an individual that is authorized to act on behalf of a Professional Employer Organization. The Commission authorizes PEO WebFile access to up to two individuals for a PEO. One form may be completed to request access for one or two individuals affiliated with the same PEO. All information requested is required. Required information includes the name, address, Federal ID number and phone number of the PEO and the name and contact information of the individual(s) requesting WebFile access.

The individual(s) requesting WebFile access must certify at the bottom of the page by checking the boxes, printing or typing their name(s) and dating the form, confirming that the information filled out is complete and accurate. They must certify that they are authorized to act on behalf of the PEO listed and once they obtain WebFile access will not share access. They must also certify that in the event their affiliation with the PEO terminates, they I will promptly notify the Commission so their WebFile access can be deactivated.

An individual requesting PEO WebFile access should submit the completed form via email to If there are questions, or a problem is encountered accessing the form or filing it, please contact the Insurance Department of the Commission at (804) 205-3586 or via email at: