Attorneys who appear before the Commission either must be licensed to practice law in Virginia and in good standing with the Virginia State Bar or have been admitted to appear pro hac vice in specific cases pursuant to Rule 1A:4 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia.

The Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct apply to attorneys who appear before the Commission.

All fees for legal services rendered to injured workers must be approved and awarded by the Commission pursuant to Va. Code §65.2-714(A). In determining a reasonable attorney’s fee, the Commission does not use a fee schedule or percentage factor but rather considers the time consumed, the efforts expended, the nature of the services and the results. (See, Marcus v. Foley, 64 O.I.C. 224 (1985).

Attorneys may note representation and file documents in specific cases electronically through the Commission’s WebFile system.

Attorneys may subscribe to receive copies of workers' compensation opinions. The Commission provides e-mail copies of Commission Review opinions, as well as opinions from the Virginia Court of Appeals and Supreme Court that are relevant to workers' compensation, as they are issued. Please click here for more information about subscribing to this list.

All visitors, including attorneys, parties and witnesses, may be required to present photo identification to enter Commission facilities.