Evelyn McGill Named Immediate Past President IAIABC

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Evelyn McGill

[Richmond, VA]- On Wednesday, September 30, 2020, Jurisdictional Members of the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) elected its 2020 – 2021 Board of Directors. The Commission’s Evelyn V. McGill served as its 2019 – 2020 President. She presided over the recently held 106th Virtual Convention with over 300 attendees from around the world. McGill opened the convention with an inspiring President’s Address on leadership in these unprecedented times and presented awards to leading workers’ compensation experts from around the globe

She now serves on the Board as Immediate Past President, while in the past several years serving in various capacities including the roles of President Elect, Secretary-Treasurer and a Board Member.

The IAIABC Board of Directors is the governing body of the IAIABC, the largest association of workers’ compensation jurisdictional agencies in North America. The 2020 – 2021 Board of Directors is comprised of leaders from thirteen jurisdictional agencies in the United States and around the world, in addition to two ex-officio members.

“Being elected as the President of the IAIABC was one of the greatest honors of my career; I remain quite humbled by this opportunity. We are living in an extraordinary time as the workers’ compensation industry faces historic challenges with the growing COVID-19 pandemic. The IAIABC has remained dedicated to keeping its members informed about the pandemic’s impact on the national and international labor force during this uncertain time,” stated McGill.

McGill is the Executive Director of the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. She studied as a Pre-Graduate Fellow at the University of Virginia and has a Master of Business Administration from Virginia Tech, Master of Public Administration from the University of Pittsburgh and a Bachelor of Science from Virginia Commonwealth University. Prior to becoming Executive Director at the Commission in 2013, she served as Deputy Chief of Administration and Executive Director for 14 years with the City of Richmond’s Police Department and in various other senior executive level positions in state, local and private organizations.

Founded in 1914, the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions is a not-for-profit association representing most of the government agencies charged with the administration of workers’ compensation systems throughout the United States, Canada, and other nations and territories as well as other workers’ compensation professionals in the private sector. Its mission is to advance the efficiency and effectiveness of workers’ compensation systems throughout the world. It is governed by a Board of Directors of jurisdictional agency leaders and maintains a staff headquarters in Middleton, Wisconsin, USA. Learn more at www.iaiabc.org.