PEO Parental Guarantee


The PEO Parental Guarantee form is required to be completed when a professional employer organization (PEO) registers as a PEO in Virginia and there exists a business entity with a controlling ownership interest in the PEO or sharing common ownership with the PEO. By completing the PEO Parental Guarantee the parent company guarantees the performance of all obligations of the PEO under the Workers’ Compensation Act, including the payment of workers’ compensation benefits.


A corporate officer should complete the PEO Guarantee form. Required information includes the name and address of the parent company and the name of the professional employer organization. The form must be completed fully. The form must be signed by a corporate officer of the parent company with their name of the corporate officer and their title printed on the form and the form dated. The document is to be attested to by the Corporate Secretary and the corporate seal affixed. The document is required to be filed with the Commission where it is reviewed to ensure that all information is complete and accurate.

The PEO Parental Guarantee should be filed in PEO WebFile for those PEOs required to file. If a problem is encountered accessing the form or filing it, please contact the Insurance Department of the Commission at (804) 205-3586 or via email at: