Fatal Award Agreement


This form is to be completed by the claim administrator whenever a claim resulted in the death of the injured worker and the claim has been accepted as compensable. The injured worker’s eligible dependents are entitled to an award of benefits, including all costs of necessary medical, surgical, and hospital attention and supplies (if any); actual burial expenses not to exceed $10,000.00; and incidental transportation expenses not to exceed $1,000.00. The Fatal Award Agreement provides the basis for the award of compensation and contains sufficient information to establish the essential elements of a compensable claim. Copies of the Death Certificate, Birth Certificate for all dependents and Marriage Certificate should be submitted along with the Fatal Award Agreement for approval. Please note, if the injured worker was entitled to benefits for lost time prior to the date of death, an Award Agreement must be filed for the appropriate wage loss benefits.


The form should be signed by all required parties and may be filed with the Commission in the following ways:

  • ONLINE: WebFile users may upload this form through their account. Click here to learn more about WebFile.
  • FAX: Fax the complete form to 804-823-6956.
  • MAIL: Mail the completed form to 333 E. Franklin St., Richmond, VA 23219.
  • IN PERSON: Bring the completed form to any of our VWC Office Locations.

For questions, please contact the Commission toll-free at 1-877-664-2566 or by email at Questions@workcomp.virginia.gov.