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Search tips:

  • Enter search words or terms you want to find. By default the search will locate documents containing any of the words entered.
  • You may use the "and" keyword to indicate that search terms must be included in the document. For example injury and claimant would find only document where the the words injury and claimant were both included. The "+" symbol may also be used instead of the word "and".
  • The "not" keyword may be used to exclude documents which contain a certain word. For example injury not claimant would find only documents where the word injury was found but that did not contain the word claimant. The "-" symbol may also be used instead of the word "not".
  • Place quotes around two or more words to search for a phrase. For example "left arm" would find documents containing the exact phrase "left arm".
  • You may search for words nearby each other using the "~" (tilde) character. For example "left arm"~5 would find documents containing the words "left" and "arm" within five words of each other.
  • You may string combinations of these techniques together to specifically target the document you are looking for. For example injury and leg not "permanent disability" would find documents containing the words "injury" and "leg" but not the phrase "permanent disability".
  • The system may warn you that your search returned more results than could be displayed. In this case you need to further refine your search criteria to find the documents you are looking for. Using "not" or "and" terms will help to narrow down your search.

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