Limited Availability for Full and Final Mediations

The Commission is currently experiencing limited mediator availability statewide as we focus on conducting hearings which were canceled this spring due to COVID-19. The Alternative Dispute Resolution Department is currently working with a waiting list, and is encouraging mediation by telephone or video conference.

On May 21, 2020, the Commission entered an order setting forth the conditions under which in-person hearings may occur. Those same conditions apply to in-person mediations and include temperature checks and screening prior to entering a Commission facility, and wearing a mask at all times while being in a Commission facility. Additionally, all persons must remain six feet apart and no more than ten persons may occupy any given space. The Commission will not be providing candy or water for mediations, as offered in the past.

In order to comply with these requirements, in-person mediation availability is limited and cannot be guaranteed. We have had success with mediating by video and telephone using WebEx. More information on WebEx may be found here. We appreciate your patience and understanding.